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Research report

C-suite check-in: The health care workforce crisis

We surveyed 150 health care leaders on the impact of staffing disruptions, obstacles to progress and how to build for a sustainable future.

Advancing a sustainable workforce

The health care workforce is in flux. Demand is high just as burnout, turnover and rising labor costs are diminishing the supply of qualified staff.

To understand workforce and staffing dynamics, we surveyed 150 health care leaders across providers, health plans and government agencies. With data and expert insight, this C-suite check-in research report uncovers:

  • Top disruptions and impact
  • Obstacles to progress
  • Qualities of a sustainable workforce
  • 2023 investment priorities
  • The new role of technology

The workforce is changing and there is no playbook for these complex challenges. Find out how C-suite leaders are responding to today’s threats and investing in a new path forward.

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