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White paper

Forging a new frontier in mental and behavioral health

Overcome barriers with proactive strategies for leading, collaborating and investing in a new experience for mental and behavioral health.

Construct the tools, teams and systems to move beyond crisis

Many millions of Americans have unmet mental and behavioral health needs. This can affect the health, stress levels and finances of individuals and communities. We are at a pivotal moment. Moving from crisis toward prevention is critical. It requires new tools, systems and community collaboration.

This white paper looks at how to create and deliver successful mental health care strategies. It involves understanding:

  • Cost impacts to every area of society
  • Importance of aligning financial incentives
  • Required investments for a new experience
  • How health care stakeholders can take new action

Prepare your organization, community and workforce to contribute to a more compassionate, connected ecosystem that better supports the full range and volume of mental health needs we see today.

Download the white paper