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Optum Evidence Engine

Our consulting service enables market access and evidence generation for test and application developers.

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STACEY DACOSTA BYFIELD: Precision medicine has the potential to transform human health.

STACEY BROWN: By making it possible to prevent certain diseases.

JILL HAGENKORD: And to provide individualized treatment. This will lead to better patient experiences, better provider experiences, improved health outcomes, and a lower overall cost of care.

STACEY DACOSTA BYFIELD: But despite advances in research and a decline in sequencing costs.

STACEY BROWN: There are still huge barriers to making it readily available.

JILL HAGENKORD: We've developed a series of strategic businesses and capabilities to help solve these challenges, including the Optum Evidence Engine.

STACEY BROWN: It's a consulting service that helps labs generate impactful evidence and successfully navigate the coverage, adoption, and reimbursement path.

JILL HAGENKORD: Our team of experts has more than 70 years of combined experience in molecular diagnostics.

STACEY DACOSTA BYFIELD: We leverage our enterprise capabilities and assets by connecting to key stakeholders from across the industry and proprietary, real world data.

STACEY BROWN: We've published multiple academic studies, advanced promising precision medicine tasks that are helping employers, health systems, and health plans integrate innovative testing solutions.

STACEY DACOSTA BYFIELD: Optum Evidence Engine helps you develop the evidence.

JILL HAGENKORD: And market access strategy.

STACEY BROWN: Needed to accelerate the coverage and adoption of your technologies.

STACEY DACOSTA BYFIELD: Together, we can unlock the promise of precision medicine.

STACEY BROWN: And help people live better lives.

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Optum Evidence Engine provides industry-leading expertise in everything from assessing clinical needs to conducting retrospective studies. Our full suite of solutions includes:

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