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How payers can evaluate Centers of Excellence

Not all Centers of Excellence are created equal. Here are 5 questions that payers should keep in mind.

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Managing complex care costs with Centers of Excellence (COEs)

In response to growing costs of complex care, health plans and self-funded employers can leverage COEs to help improve care and manage costs.

Whether they’re waiting for a liver transplant, fighting advanced-stage cancer or considering bariatric surgery, individuals with complex medical needs face a bewildering array of options. During a time of increasing incidence of illness and spiking health care costs, this situation is only exacerbated. As a result, COEs are multiplying, particularly for high-spend conditions such as cancer, transplants and cardiology.

But not all COEs are created equal. In this e-book, we cover 5 questions payers should ask to distinguish among the many COE options and select the one that’s right for them.

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