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White paper

Driving toward health equity in the communities we serve

How do we achieve better health outcomes for all?

A guide to Optum health equity efforts

­Health equity means helping people live their healthiest lives by ensuring they receive the care and support they want — where and when they want it. By addressing three main components — access, utilization and outcomes — Optum is helping create a path to healthier, stronger and more resilient communities.

Read the guide to find out how Optum and their partners are helping to combat disparities and remove cultural and social barriers that can prevent people from receiving the best possible care. See how virtual and mobile care advancements are advancing access to underserved individuals and communities. Explore how new technology, including data innovation, is accelerating the pace toward greater equity.

Advancing health equity takes all of us working together, and the guidebook shares examples of community programs Optum is partnering with — like Ascension St. Vincent’s Mobile Health — that are making a difference.

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What will it take to make affordable, quality health care accessible to all?