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Webinar on-demand

Evolving clinical trials

Length: 45 minutes



Accelerate research through a digitized model

The world of clinical trials is evolving. The traditional clinical trial method was burdensome, bogged down with paper-based interactions and slow procedures. These manual processes are expensive, time-consuming, inflexible and unable to meet the full needs of providers and patient populations. Now, clinical professionals are turning to digital technology and data tools to modernize and accelerate their research.

This webinar details how Optum is working to address the complicated issues of digitizing clinical trials by streamlining and automating key processes through its Digital Research Network. Hear about the historical challenges of clinical research, review how the Optum approach can combat these struggles, and see a case study around a fully digital trial. 


Peter Payne, Vice President and Head of the Optum Digital Research Network

Tracy Ohrt, Clinical Operations Manager for the Optum Digital Research Network

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