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Develop your growth strategy

Optum Strategic Planning Analytics helps you choose your own path forward.


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Drive confident decisions amid market complexity

Our analytics tools help you anticipate future market dynamics and position you to grow market share in an ever-changing environment. Our resources deliver the viewpoint you need to answer the toughest and most expansive planning questions.

Analytics and planning support that work for you

After meeting with more than 150 planning executives to discuss their challenges, we asked them what tools and resources they wish they had to make their jobs easier.

The resounding answer: Reduce the noise. "Give us the data and advice we need in a digestible format so we can curate the best possible strategic plan for each of our unique organizations."

Learn about the Optum integrated solution that encompasses: 

  • Data visibility
  • Data comparability
  • Enhanced planning tools

Find out how Optum provides analytics, business development guidance and implementation support.