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Curated genomics data to advance discovery and treatment

Watch Dr. Ashley Brenton, VP, real-world evidence and genomics, Optum Life Sciences, discuss patient journeys and cohort building.

Get a more complete patient journey with Optum data


There are many situations where a patient is diagnosed in one setting and treated in another. As Dr. Brenton discusses in the webinar clip, data sets exclusive to one specialty area may miss critical details found in other clinical records.

That’s why Optum clinicogenomic data span specialties and sites of care. Our data provide insight into patient journeys from pre-diagnosis through treatment and beyond. This provides a more holistic understanding of care decisions and outcomes. 

Build meaningful cohorts across disease areas


You need relevant, overlapping claims, clinical and genomic data to build a clinicogenomic cohort that will bring value to your research. Sometimes a small, highly specialized data set does the trick. At other times, you may need a larger sample.

In this webinar clip, Dr. Brenton talks about important considerations for building longitudinal clinicogenomic data cohorts and the importance of diversity in the data. 

Discover the potential of genomic data

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