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Coordination of benefits (COB) cost avoidance

Proactively coordinate member eligibility to maximize savings.

Coordinating benefits in claim payments can be complex and costly, especially for health plans that are focused solely on post-payment recovery.

Although post-pay coordination of benefits is an important avenue for savings, on average health plans only recover $0.59 cents for every dollar spent post-pay.

To avoid pay-and-chase, health plans can proactively identify critical administrative coordination of benefits issues before a claim is submitted.

Coordination of benefits cost avoidance identifies members with other primary coverage and validates the identified policy prospectively.

This ensures accurate eligibility coordination and helps prevent future overpayments.

Health plans with post-pay recovery capabilities are only a few additional data sources away from implementing a cost-avoidance solution.

By investing a small amount of time and effort, a comprehensive coordination of benefits solution is achievable for many.

Through shifting focus to cost avoidance, health plans can realize significant administrative and medical cost savings, while reducing provider abrasion.

Prevent future overpayments

Coordinating benefits in claim payments can be complex and costly. Proactively identifying critical administrative COB issues before a claim is submitted can help health plans maximize administrative and medical cost savings. It can also minimize provider abrasion.

Learn more about how your organization can maximize savings with a comprehensive approach to payment integrity.

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