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Annual Optum survey on consumer care preferences

Empower consumers to get care through multiple pathways they trust.

E-book titled 'Patient access and engagement in the age of omnichannel

Health care consumers want convenience, choice and control when they seek and access care. Instead of using one entry point, they’re charting their own pathways to care with a mix of digital and traditional channels. Omnichannel patient access and engagement is swiftly becoming the norm.  

But meeting these shifting consumer expectations is challenging. What is most important to consumers when they start their care journey? How do those trends shift between different groups? 

We surveyed more than 1,200 consumers to understand their experiences, frustrations and expectations when they search for and access care. Our survey also measured preferences when engaging with health plans and health care providers online.

Download this e-book to gain key findings from our annual consumer report, including: 

  • A breakdown of how consumers prefer to schedule appointments 
  • Preferred wait times between scheduling and attending an appointment 
  • The top factors driving consumers to switch providers 
  • How consumers use health plan sites and e-check-in apps to manage their care 

Complete the form to download the e-book.

Complete the form to download the e-book.

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