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What to consider about weight loss drugs

Get the most from these pricey new obesity drugs by choosing the right coverage strategy and helping your members build lifelong healthy habits.


Balancing the costs with the benefits

Weight loss can mean better health and lower costs for plan sponsors and members alike. Investing in these expensive, but effective drugs is a balancing act – especially when more than half of the U.S. adult population is eligible for them. Get insights on how to manage costs for the most talked-about drugs in pharmacy.

Weighty issue: How to contain anti-obesity drug costs

New anti-obesity medications are effective but expensive and more than half of U.S. adults are eligible for them. Members who reach a healthier weight are less likely to have other health complications, so their use is beneficial in the long run. But what about right now?

Plan sponsors need a game plan to balance the need for these drugs and contain the costs in their benefit plans.

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How to manage blockbuster anti-obesity drugs

The pricey weight management drugs work well, but users need coaching and support to maintain the benefits.

GLP-1 agonists: A new class of weight loss medications

In this conversation, discover how new weight loss drugs like Wegovy are changing obesity management and their connection to diabetes.

Specialty and Weight Loss Webinar

Hear how weight loss drugs are shaping traditional and specialty spend.

Pharmacy Insights Podcast

Listen to our resident experts discuss critical industry challenges and the solutions you need to control rising drug costs.

The new drugs plan sponsors need to watch for

See which trends to consider when assessing the pharmacy benefit, which new drugs may be flying under the radar and what's coming.

Get ahead of 3 pharmacy trends that will affect your plan

Find out what’s changing the pharmacy market and how it could impact you.

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