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Creating connections through partnership

Hemo Client Testimonial Detailed Transcript

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[Health care is about people… and helping those people navigate health care. It’s also about keeping costs down. At Optum, our compassion, clinical expertise and a shared mission help our clients manage both.]

[KELLY WITTICH - Westpath Benefits and Investments]

At Wespath, one of the things we try really hard to do in the health benefits area, is to provide tools to our participants to help them navigate, to help them make smart decisions. And we rely heavily on our vendor partners to be able to provide those tools.

[SCOTT DRAEGER – Sr. Vice President of Clinical Consulting, OptumRx]

Everybody's struggling today with how to pay for healthcare. And so one of the value items I think we can bring as an organization, is helping people navigate that healthcare system a little bit easier.

KELLY WITTICH: Part of the value that I think OptumRx brings to our plan is that they help bring that expertise--that pharmacy expertise.

[Expertise that helps deliver cost-effective benefits.]

Medications are probably one of the highest drivers of increased costs for healthcare, and it's certainly one of the growing costs for our health plan. And so we rely on the expertise from OptumRx and their clinicians and their ability to use data to really help us.

[Expertise that goes beyond data]

SCOTT DRAEGER: Optum's access to data...Our ability to drive positive outcomes through connected care, is really unrivaled in the industry. That being said, I think it goes beyond data. Our teams understand that behind the data, there's real people, there's real families.

KELLY WITTICH: I often put myself in the shoes of my participants and say how is this benefit working for them at this challenging time in their life? And so partnering with OptumRx has been part of allowing us to care for our folks in that way.

[Compassion for people]

SCOTT DRAEGER: I just believe in Optum's mission. I'm a pharmacist, right? I went to school to help people. There are really caring people here and it just excites me when I look at how we're incorporating technology but how we're still focusing on that member experience, that individual.

KELLY WITTICH: Every single one of our members deserves the personal care when they need it. It's critical to be fair and to be a good steward. It's thrilling and a huge sigh of relief when you know that all the things that are put in place, that they end up making peoples' lives better.

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Clients rely on us to not only provide expertise and cost-effective benefits, but also do so in a compassionate way. Hear from one of our clients, Kelly Wittich at Westpath Benefits and Investments, and Optum Rx Sr. Vice President of Clinical Consulting, Scott Draeger, on how we’re partnering together for everyone we serve.

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