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Challenges and considerations when financing your EHR

Learn more about implementing a transformational EHR system.

Challenges and considerations when financing your EHR

Transform your health care organization with innovative EHR services

In our interactive e-book, "Optum Advisory EHR Services: Challenges and considerations when financing your EHR," discover key themes and insights that can guide your organization toward a successful EHR transformation, including:

  1. Transformational EHR investments: Learn how to align your EHR with evolving care delivery models and patient expectations, accelerating your strategic roadmap.
  2. Financing considerations: Explore strategies for estimating costs, evaluating ROI and overcoming capital constraints to make informed investment decisions.
  3. Managing EHR costs: Discover overlooked components of EHR financing, such as staffing backfill and implementation timeline risks, and gain insights into managing costs over time.
  4. Clinical and financial value: Understand the clinical benefits of EHR systems, including improved care coordination and patient outcomes, while also assessing the financial ROI of your EHR investment.
  5. Optum Advisory EHR Services: Experience a new path forward with our innovative EHR-managed services capability. Our team of experts will guide you through a more efficient implementation, guarantee cost savings and provide long-term partnership and support.
  6. Flexible resourcing and hyper-specialization: Learn how our dynamic resource management and hyper-specialization approach can help you effectively manage demand and enhance your EHR implementation and operation.

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