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Buzz for Blues

Fighting the good fight alongside Blues plans across the nation.

Jill Gheen, with the Optum Growth Office, has been working with Blues plans for the past 25 years. In this video, Jill shares what she’s hearing from Blues plans about their focus on whole-system health, including growth and affordability strategies, health equity and much more.


Better experience for all

Together, our advanced ideas, research and solutions can take health care where it needs to go to reach its full potential for everyone. Let’s make the health system better for everyone.

Today, the health system is not optimized for all. But we’re working in partnership to make a real difference. We invite you to review the research and information below.

Today's pressing issues

Payment integrity guide

Learn how top-performing health plans maximize savings

In this guide, Optum experts share 5 payment integrity best practices to achieve your in-year cost savings goals.

Payment integrity white paper

Reduce abrasion without sacrificing payment accuracy

In this white paper, learn to shift communication earlier, enhance your education, and reduce the admin burden.

Mental health fact sheet

Support for youth and families

Meet the unique needs of youth and caregivers.

Specialty fusion tool

Unraveling complexity in specialty care

Addressing the challenges to serve the most complex patients.

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We want to understand your challenges and unique needs. Please share your ideas and let us help you overcome your pressing challenges. Together, we can achieve success.

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