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White paper

Pinpoint asthma, COPD and ACOS with EHR data

Optum study highlights clinical clues in asthma and COPD.




This white paper details an Optum study that leveraged its electronic health record (EHR) database to find clinical clues differentiating patients with asthma and COPD. The study also identified patients with asthma and COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS).

Asthma and COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS) shares a similar etiology to both COPD and asthma, making it difficult for researchers and physicians to differentiate between the diseases. Currently, experts utilize differing criteria to identify patients with ACOS. 

Clinical clues drive disease management

Differentiating ACOS from asthma and COPD is necessary because ACOS patients need extra help with disease management. The Optum study highlights the value of clinical clues in EHR data that can help identify this unique disease and drive treatment opportunities.

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