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Evolving your revenue cycle to embrace modern challenges

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Vision for an advanced revenue cycle

Value-based care, the rise of consumerism and shifting payer trends have fundamentally altered the provider health care landscape. Yet most providers are still operating under antiquated revenue cycle models. At each stage of the revenue cycle, providers face new challenges that require new solutions.

At Optum360, we have a new vision for the revenue cycle to address these new challenges. In this revenue cycle, processes are fused into a single ecosystem that shares best practices and analytic insights across all stages and functions. It’s built on rich clinical content, payer-informed rule sets and the experience of countless clinical experts. It leverages clinically aware artificial intelligence. And it involves payers and providers working together in a transparent and collaborative way.

Read through our new ebook, "Evolving your Revenue Cycle to Embrace Modern Challenges", to learn which characteristics providers need to apply for a modern revenue cycle and discover how Optum360 provides solutions that incorporate them.