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Addressing adolescent mental health

Find solutions and resources for employers and health plans to support adolescent and caregiver mental health.

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Provide support when it's needed most

Adolescence, or the phase of life from ages 10 to 19, can be a challenging time, and it often comes with an increased risk of mental and emotional health challenges.

The pandemic placed an even greater strain on youth and their families. Remote learning and canceled extracurricular activities left many teens feeling frustrated, anxious, hopeless and disconnected. At Optum, we understand that caring for a child’s mental health may mean parents and caregivers are sacrificing their own physical and emotional well-being.

That is why we partner with employers and health plans to offer a suite of solutions that support adolescent mental health needs as well as the needs of their parents and caregivers. Download the fact sheet to learn more.

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Until It's Fixed podcast episode: Supporting Our Kids

Three child and adolescent psychiatrists discuss the pandemic’s impact on adolescent mental health, innovative solutions and practical guidance and resources for families and caregivers.

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Help parents and teens talk about mental health

Mental health is an important topic anytime, but during the pandemic it has become even more so. Learn ways parents can start the conversation with their teens and inspire positive family dialogue.