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Addressing workforce challenges in health care

Learn how we can work together to overcome workforce challenges with strategy, expert insights and resources that forge a new path forward.


Executive series: Health Care Workforce Crisis

Access tools for health care leaders to help navigate the labor and staffing crisis, including lack of skilled talent, resignation and retirement levels, worker burnout, growing labor and training costs, capacity to meet demands and worker caregiving requirements.

Learn how health organizations are balancing supply and demand and system transformation to reconnect talent to purpose and performance, find the right relationship between people and technology, expand the use of intelligent data, and build an anywhere, anytime workforce.

Workforce crisis thought leadership

Actionable toolkit

6 workforce strategies for leaders

This actionable toolkit provides strategies to strengthen and inspire the health care workforce.


Empowering health care workers

Design an environment that can attract, retain and engage the workforce.

White paper

Tackling the workforce crisis with innovation

Explore human-focused innovations health care employers are using to solve the challenges facing their workforce.

Research report

C-suite survey: Health care workforce crisis

Research report uncovers impacts, obstacles and priorities.

White paper

Navigate the workforce challenge

Learn how to create a positive future for how health care works.


NEJM Catalyst Q&A

Hear the discussion on tech’s role for the health care workforce.


Can automation cure workforce challenges?

Rethink how to support workers, simplify and improve care.

Market insights

Health plans

2023 health plan executive insights

Explore the 3 themes that emerged in our latest CEO study.

Provider webinar

Modernize your revenue cycle workforce

New staffing challenges require new approaches.

Pharmacy care

8 ways to make drugs more affordable

Discover what plan sponsors need to know.


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