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Adding a beneficiary to your HSA or MSA

Sign in to your account to ensure you've selected a beneficiary for your health savings account (HSA) or Medicare Advantage Medical Savings Account (MSA).


Naming your beneficiary

Take a minute to ensure your HSA or MSA information is current and that you have a beneficiary selected. A beneficiary can be one or more individuals (i.e., spouse, children, relatives, friends).


Why it matters

If you do not assign a beneficiary, your HSA or MSA funds will default to your legal surviving spouse, if you have one, or to your estate. If your funds are left to your estate, it may face heavier taxation. For those reasons, it’s important to keep your beneficiary information up to date. 

Add a beneficiary today



Step 1

Sign in to your online account. Select the arrow next to your account name and click on Settings & preferences.


Step 2

Select Beneficiaries from the Account settings and preferences menu.


Step 3

If you haven't selected a primary beneficiary yet, click on the Add primary beneficiaries button and follow the prompts to add a beneficiary.