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Achieving health equity with actionable analytics

By applying analytics solutions, states can create a comprehensive roadmap to better health equity.


Optum technical expertise and consulting services can transform state health equity programs. We partner with states to co-design programs, from ideation through implementation and ongoing monitoring. Together, we can create a strategy based on a deep understanding of data and analytics.

Rob Waters of State Healthcare IT Connect sat down with James Lukenbill, PhD, analytics strategic product manager for Optum State Government Solutions, and Mylynn Tufte, MBA, MSIM, RN practice lead, Population Health for Optum Advisory Services, to discuss improving specific social determinants of health (SDOH).

Download our white paper for the full interview to learn what states can expect with:

  • Applying a data-driven approach across multiple data sets to improve health equity
  • Lessons learned from the pandemic around long-standing inequities
  • Tools and capabilities offered with an Analytics as a Service solution
  • And more

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