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Take bold action and maximize impact

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Narrator: Introducing new drugs, devices or interventions in today’s complex commercial market is risky.

One way to reduce risk is with Cross-Optum Programs.

We design and facilitate programs between life sciences companies, payers, providers and patients, to address gaps in care, quality of care, and improve patient and provider satisfaction.

Our programs and unique relationships with all parts of the health care system, allow you to test new concepts in the real-world before expanding them to full scale.

Best of all, by providing access to our payer, provider and patient networks, Cross-Optum Programs deliver real-time impact driven by industry expertise.

Imagine identifying a select population through our data source of 80 million lives in EHR and 120 million lives in claims, then engaging them through a pilot, monitoring the program and making adjustments if needed, then finalizing with an analysis on how the intervention performed.

Our unparalleled access extends well beyond patients.

Cross-Optum network activation offers a wealth of guidance from multiple payers, and our customized analytics allows you to measure your program performance within our payer network, which is critical for viability and expansion planning.

Finally, our program assessment tells how quickly you can scale to national levels.

With Cross-Optum, we deliver the data and insights you need to confidently take bold actions and maximize impact.


Bringing new products to market requires research and insight. Through Cross-Optum® programs, we design and oversee programs between life sciences companies, payers, providers and patients to improve quality of care, and improve patient and provider satisfaction. 

These above-brand programs use our real-world data assets and our relationships with other parts of the UHG enterprise to help design, pilot and scale engagement programs. This protocol-driven work is often published in academic or industry journals.

Learn more about Optum Life Sciences here.

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