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2024 Annual Health Care Trends Report

Get expert analysis for C-suite health care leaders on the forces driving change. Explore challenges, what to watch and how to move forward.

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Trend 1: Economic climate

Inflation drives up health care spending, adding pressure for cost containment and increased technology enablement.

Trend 2: Regulatory complexities

Shifting membership, declining quality and rising risk increase momentum for value-based arrangements and consumer-centric care.

Trend 3: Workforce challenges

Maximize value-based care and digital advancements in a labor-strapped industry.

Trend 4: High-cost drugs

Soaring prices for innovative therapies create health inequities and prompt questions about who will bear the costs.

Trend 5: Health equity

Poor outcomes, economic impact and regulatory pressure drive advancement.

Trend 6: Consumerism

New priorities and expectations are reshaping the health care mindset.

Trend 7: Generative AI

New models are poised to deliver significant advancements in every area of health.