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Transplant Resource Services (TRS)

TRS Network Access delivers a high-quality nationwide provider network of transplant centers and industry leading discounts.

Patient and provider discuss a care plan and medication.

Transplant Resource Service (TRS) is built upon a network of high-quality Centers of Excellence (COE). We invest more resources than any organization in the country to identify and qualify the programs that deliver superior outcomes. Once a program is qualified clinically, we leverage unparalleled purchasing power to drive deep contractual savings.

Drive industry leading discounts with TRS



Better clinical outcomes and faster recovery

Optum COEs can improve survival rates for solid organ transplant patients by up to 9% and reduce hospital stays by an average of 19%.1


Public sector savings

Optum offers Medicaid discounts and averages 66% savings on transplants for Medicare patients.2


$10 billion+ in transplant claims annually

Optum manages $10 billion+ in transplant claims per year and uses best-in-class methods to accurately and quickly process repriced claims.


Commercial savings

Optum averages 58% savings per transplant for commercial patients.2

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Helping clients secure significant savings per transplant episode

Informed decision-making on choosing a care center is critical in ensuring the best possible outcomes. Optum has the tools to help. Through our COE network, we can provide better outcomes, expanded access and economic relief through pre-negotiated rates for transplants.


Fee-based access services for low-incidence, high-cost care

Optum provides contractual protection for payers for cellular therapies, including all chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR T), therapies and select gene therapies.

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The VAD Program provides network access yielding 50–55% average savings on billed charges from Optum VAD network centers3, protection from high durable medical equipment (DME) costs, and support for coordinating the multiple steps in caring for VAD patients.

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CHD Resource Services combines a specialized network of the nation’s leading CHD facilities with the best contractual savings in the industry.

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Cancer Resource Services is designed to deliver better outcomes at reduced costs by providing access to a national network of quality cancer centers. The Cancer Centers of Excellence (COE) network comprises 39 leading centers, each meeting strict evaluation criteria.

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Optum partners with top dialysis centers across the nation to provide needed quality care at negotiated rates. Access to this network of more than 6,100 preferred dialysis facilities can reduce dialysis costs by an average of 55%, ranging from 35% to 70%.4

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