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Kidney Solutions

Optum® Kidney Solutions focuses on early identification, care coordination and value-based contracts with nephrologists.


Stem disease progression with a comprehensive kidney solution

Kidney Solutions enables patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages 3b through end stage renal disease (ESRD) to live their best life by providing personalized 1:1 support from a renal nurse. Nephrologist engagement delivers best-outcome, value-based care (VBC) arrangements.

Why Optum Kidney Solutions?


Reduce patient admissions

Participation in the program resulted in a 24.7% reduction in inpatient admissions and a 41% reduction in inpatient dialysis.1


Reduce emergency visits

Patients enrolled in the program had 11.3% fewer ER visits.2


Increase preemptive transplants

Enrolled patients saw 2.5x higher ESRD transplant evaluation rates and were 22% less likely to transition from CKD to dialysis.3


Largest nephrologist network

Kidney Solutions has over 1,000 nephrologists in our VBC network.


Fact sheet

Comprehensive kidney solution

Kidney Solutions is comprised of an integrated, evidence-based disease management program that improves patient outcomes and reduces cost for health plans.

Case study

Comprehensive CKD Management

See how the Optum specialized kidney support team improves the quality of life for James, a patient living with CKD.



Explore Optum Kidney Solutions

High-quality, proactive care

Kidney Solutions is comprised of a kidney disease management program and an extensive value-based nephrology network.

Dialysis network access

Nationwide dialysis network providing quality care at negotiated rates.

Transplants can be lifesaving treatments

Transplant solutions provides cost savings and superior outcomes.

Discover how to partner with Optum today

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