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Practical Plans With Immediate Impact

Our expertise in health care spans policy design to program research and beyond.


Our core capabilities

We bring economic, policy and content expertise to all projects. This informs our analyses and reveals the most actionable insights.​



Strategy and management consulting

Our expertise lies at the intersection of federal and state policy. We seize on our client’s goals to design a strategy that aligns with their mission.

We gather insights from across the industry. Everything from trend analysis to predictive modeling and process mapping allows us to design better policy.​

We include best practices for learning, as well as rapid evaluation. These built-in change management tools strengthen program operations and implementation. This helps bring innovative strategies to life.​



Advanced analytics

We understand complex problems. We visualize the effects of policy choices so decision makers can take action. This approach has earned the trust of policymakers within federal agencies and state programs.​

We recognize how to measure the impact of delivery system reforms. Our knowledge of data and statistics are used to create effective evaluations.​

We work with the right variables when combining clinical, claim and socioeconomic data. Our access to unique data sets serves as a research-ready tool for all our analyses.​



Policy research

We conduct economic analysis from a variety of data sets. This includes up to 30 years of longitudinal data across 250 million lives. These resources allow us to anticipate outcomes in policy.​

Times of rapid change demand a combination of in-depth analysis with in-the-field expertise. Our consulting is informed by analytics and reporting, so we can model a variety of scenarios.

Our rapid-cycle evaluation of programs accelerates vetting and refinement. This means our policy research will deliver benefits for a long time.​

Our dashboards visualize data to make analysis easier to understand. This supports a continued dialogue of innovation across the stakeholder. 



Program design, implementation and evaluation

Over 50+ years of working with federal and state agencies informs our approach. This deep experience allows us to put the ultimate customer front and center. ​

We work closely with clients to implement changes in process and policy, so all stakeholders are on the same page. Our hands-on assistance helps us build consistency with our clients.

We combine clinical, claim and social data to measure progress and identify unintended impacts.​



Learning and diffusion/technical assistance

We use evidence-based learning processes to streamline the delivery of information across organizations and the broader system.​

Rather than design multi-year learning studies, we adopt an agile approach. We use technical assistance teams to deploy swift adjustments as challenges arise. We then work steadily with clients to translate new learnings into daily practice.​

Our learning networks support leading-edge research and experimentation. In studying these new delivery models, we can identify new approaches for sharing knowledge quickly.​

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