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Public Health, Preparedness and Response Services

Learn how Optum Serve can provide you with strategies to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, crises and disasters in your community.


Prepare for, respond to and recover from public health challenges

Health Protection Programs

  • Lessen health risks and threats to individuals and communities with customized tools.
  • Access comprehensive infectious disease prevention and management.
  • Get full-service care coordination from treatment to health care services.
  • Leverage leading-edge analytics and data visualization.

Preparedness Programs – Readiness

  • Augment internal resources with specialized expertise and tools to ensure readiness for crises, such as natural disasters and infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Be ready for rapid deployment in an emergency, with bundled services for planning, staffing, contracting and more.
  • Implement training and coordination exercises for staff and community resilience.

Emergency Response and Recovery

  • Converge information and resources when and where needed to lessen the impact of a crisis with comprehensive support offerings.
  • Get full-service medical event management with staffing support and Mobile Medical Units (MMUs).
  • Access satellite communications and recovery operations services.

Equity focused delivery solutions

  • Access support programs to address health disparities and promote health equity.
  • Get tailored programs for targeted medical solutions for a variety of underserved communities, including migrant, rural and more.
  • Create customized programs for community engagement, education and awareness campaign programs. 

Assured Access: Rapid resource deployment

We offer customized emergency response programs and Continuity of Operations Plans (COOPs). Our plans cover everything from real-time decision support and health communication strategies to on-site medical teams, scalable response resources and more.

Understanding social determinants of health

Learn how comprehensive data analytics of social and behavioral factors known as social determinants of health (SDOH) can help you better understand health and well-being impacts to make your community healthier.


Full-service public health emergency preparedness and response

Optum Serve can help you improve the health and well-being of the people you serve.