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Fertility Benefit Programs for Employers

Learn how Optum is simplifying the fertility journey through guidance and support.


Helping members navigate the fertility landscape

Optum® Fertility Solutions guides members through the fertility landscape — to the right treatment at the right time — so they can achieve the best possible outcomes with holistic support.

Our team includes board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, specialized fertility nurses and fertility social workers. Our flexible solutions include nurse support, a value-based provider network and treatment evaluation.

Fertility issues can be costly and stressful



1 in 8

U.S. couples are affected by infertility1


of U.S. couples are using fertility treatments2



average cost per cycle for in vitro fertilization (IVF)3



The value of clinical support

Learn how a fertility-specialized nurse guides one member through her individual journey.


The value of emotional support during fertility care

Learn how a fertility social worker helped one woman through an emotional moment.


Our latest insights

Case study

Fertility case management

Learn how cost and utilization compare between members with and without fertility solutions.


5 things to know about the new landscape of fertility benefits

More and more, benefits leaders see the value of reproductive health — and it’s changing how they approach offerings.


Women's health: An employer's guide to action

Find out how employers can take action to create meaningful change for the women in their workforce.

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