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Optum Care Network–Connecticut

Our focus is on the patient.


Optum Care Network–Connecticut is a large network of providers who offer personalized care throughout the state. We provide well-coordinated care by putting the patient first and focusing on keeping them healthy, rather just treating them when they are sick.  

Your clients can choose from more than 635 primary care physicians, 2,200+ specialists and many local hospitals. 

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For broker support and customer service, please call 1-844-368-9560, TTY 711.

For provider support, please call 1-888-556-7048, TTY 711.

For member support, please call 1-888-832-0963, TTY 711.

What we offer

It’s important for your clients to know about all of their options. Do you know how to inform them about Optum Care Network–Connecticut? 

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We provide screenings to check for the presence of disease.

Services include screenings for:

  • Blood pressure problems
  • Cancer 
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes 
  • HPV and other STIs
  • Overall health and wellness

  • 570 primary care providers
  • 1,200+ specialists
  • Access to most major hospitals in Connecticut
  • Access to urgent care services across the state

Help your clients locate a doctor in Optum Care Network–Connecticut.

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Find out what Medicare Advantage plans are accepted in Optum Care Network–Connecticut.

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