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Types of care in Connecticut

We help you get the right care at the right time. Find care near you.


We offer several types of care to meet all your needs

In Connecticut, we’re growing to meet your needs and help you live a healthier life. Our providers offer these and other types of care:

Services include:

  • Primary care for ongoing care, checkups, minor injuries and illnesses
  • Specialty care for lung problems, heart disease, surgery and more
  • Senior care for Annual Wellness Visits, in-home visits and preventive care
  • Urgent care for when your doctor isn’t available and you don’t have a true emergency  
  • Virtual care to visit with a provider from the comfort of your home

Types of care vary by location. To search for care near you, use the Find care button above.  

Trusted local doctors for you and your family

ProHealth Physicians offers a wide range of health care services. With offices in every county in the state, they give patients, families and communities the tools they need to be healthier.

Optum and Medicare Advantage 

Our goal is to help you stay healthy and independent.


Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs)

You can get your AWV with one of our primary care providers.




Advance care planning

We can help you create an advance care plan (an advance directive) to state how you want to be cared for if you can’t speak for yourself.



Help with Medicare

We can help you learn more about Medicare and find the right plan for you.



We focus on the care and insurance needs of adults ages 65+

We can help manage your care in the office, over the phone and, in some cases, in your home. We can also help you understand Medicare and find a plan.

Video: New to Medicare | Optum

The right care at the right time 

Advanced care 

If you have complex or serious medical problems, we can offer extra care to help make sure your needs are met.

Virtual care

Have a face-to-face visit with your doctor from the comfort of your home.

Urgent care

Urgent care is for medical concerns that need attention fast but aren’t life-threatening.

Prepare for your visit 

Get tips on how you can make the most of your doctor visit.