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We’re here to help keep you healthy and feeling your best



Your care team

We have 580 primary care providers and over 2,200 specialists who can see you for a wide range of medical problems.


Our medical family

Some of the biggest medical groups in the state are part of the Optum family. They include ProHealth physicians and MedExpress.


Health insurance

We accept UnitedHealthcare, Anthem and ConnectiCare Medicare Advantage health plans.


National expertise

We have more than 60,000 doctors nationwide. Together, we offer you the right care plan based on the latest research and medical knowledge.

Types of care

Primary care

We can see you for ongoing care, checkups, minor injuries and illnesses.

Specialty care

We have specialists who can help with everything from allergies to cancer.

Senior care

We offer the support and services you need to stay active and feeling your best.

Urgent care

If you’re feeling sick but your doctor isn’t in, urgent care is here to help.   

Medicare Advantage

Find out how Optum and a Medicare Advantage plan can help you.


Your appointment checklist

Be prepared for your visit. Download your easy-to-use appointment checklist.


Care guides

The care guide is your very own roadmap to wellness. From cover to cover, you’ll find health resources and tips to help you feel your best.

Optum + Medicare Advantage: Healthier care for a better life

We specialize in caring for people age 65 and over, from preventive screenings to treating long-term, chronic conditions.