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Market Clarity: Linked EHR and Claims Data

Unlock insights using one of the industry’s largest and most trusted repositories of longitudinal clinical and claims data.


Answer tough questions and illuminate new possibilities

The right real-world data (RWD) can enable your analyses to drive actions that give your organization an edge, whether it’s to optimize your portfolio, catalyze innovation, refine clinical development strategies, monitor product safety or drive commercial growth.

Traditional RWD sources only tell part of the story, though. To capture a complete view of the market and the diverse patient journeys that comprise it, you need data that link together an individual's health history with their utilization, adherence and the costs associated with their care.

That's where Optum® Market Clarity Data comes in. You can unlock insights from one of the industry's largest and most trusted repositories of de-identified clinical and multi-payer claims data, with the confidence that comes from our commitment to security and unsurpassed support. Find out where our data can shed new light on your toughest problems.

Unparalleled scale, scope, security and support



81+ million unique, integrated patient lives

Our data goes back decades, spanning 20,000+ mapped clinical variables and 1B+ prescriptions. It includes lives from 150+ U.S. payers.

From EHRs and claims to genomics and SDOH

We are at the forefront of advanced data enrichment, allowing researchers and leaders to ask and answer ever more complex questions.


Benchmark standard for compliance and security

As part of a Fortune 5 company, Optum is dedicated to rigorous, comprehensive safeguards that help protect health information and privacy. 

Dedicated analytics support to drive ROI

Your researchers aren't alone. Our data scientists and analytics staff are here to help you navigate the data and get the most out of your investment.

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Enhance your research with linked clinical and claims data

How can Optum Market Clarity data help your company answer critical questions? Get an in-depth look at our integrated data asset.

provider reviewing data on a tablet

Let us help you connect the dots

From data to insight to action, we catalyze innovation and commercial impact. Have questions about Market Clarity Data? Contact us today.

Generate evidence across the product lifecycle

Robust, linked, de-identified real-world data can help your strategy teams analyze market attractiveness and inform how you:

  • Identify priority growth areas
  • Vet merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Assess licensing opportunities
  • Reprioritize development programs

During discovery and pre-clinical development, researchers must understand the status quo. Use linked, de-identified real-world data to:

  • Uncover unmet medical needs
  • Understand risk profiles
  • Discover biomarkers and gene targets

Granularity and trusted, high-quality data can breed confidence in your R&D pipeline. Integrated, de-identified data can help:

  • Model effects of inclusion/exclusion criteria on study feasibility
  • Inform endpoint selection to meet regulatory, payer and provider needs
  • Quantify disease burden and therapeutic impacts on total cost of care
  • Identify treatment patterns, gaps in care and barriers to adherence

Use cases for linked, de-identified data at the launch and commercialization phases are nearly endless:

  • Execute comparative effectiveness studies
  • Bolster payer and provider value messaging
  • Uncover disparities and barriers to access
  • Profile and segment both patients and physicians
  • Empower medical science liaisons to engage providers with meaningful information
  • Build, execute and adjudicate value-based contracts
  • Track brand adoption by patient or provider segment
  • Analyze adherence and switching triggers
  • Pilot clinical and patient engagement programs

At the post-approval stage, linked real-world data can help you respond to regulatory commitments and perform post-market surveillance:

  • Detect signals in retrospective data
  • Execute Phase IV safety studies
  • Model impact of new entrants and intellectual property protections

Let us help you connect the dots

From data to insight to action, we catalyze innovation and commercial impact. Have questions about Market Clarity Data? Contact us today.

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