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Optum EHR Data

Gain visibility across therapeutic areas and the continuum of care.


Depth, breadth and quality to support your research needs

Capturing a complete picture of the patient health care journey does not happen with claims data alone. Clinical research, medication adherence analysis, value messaging and commercialization strategies all depend on data that sufficiently reflect what occurs during diagnosis and treatment.

Unlike niche data aggregators, Optum consolidates and enriches electronic health record (EHR) data that span therapeutic areas and sites of care. Our scale — with over 100 million unique lives — lets researchers drill down into the treatment patterns and resulting care outcomes that matter for the population they're studying.

Optum remains at the forefront of using natural language processing (NLP) to provide meaning, structure and context to clinical notes. That means more opportunities for enrichment and more precise insight to help you understand where your treatment has the greatest opportunity to impact patient outcomes.

Have confidence in your clinical data




115+ million unique lives

We source our data directly from provider organizations across the U.S. so we can flag and track patients across the full spectrum of care.


300+ publications in the past five years

Clients trust our real-world data to support submissions to peer-reviewed journals.1


4.5+ billion free-text medical notes

Data scientists and clinical experts work together to design, train and maintain our NLP, with a tenacious focus on quality.2

Dedicated analytics support to drive ROI

Your researchers aren't alone. Our data scientists and analytics staff are here to help you navigate the data and get the most out of your investment.

Some of the commercially available data sets source data solely from oncology clinics, which may not reflect patients’ full care journey.

Carnegie, Argentinis, et al.

Journal of Clinical Oncology, May 2020

Product sheet

Gain a fuller view of the patient experience with EHR data

How can Optum Electronic Health Record (EHR) data help your company answer critical questions? Get an in-depth look at our EHR asset.


Let us help you connect the dots

From data to insight to action, we catalyze innovation and commercial impact. Have questions about EHR data? Contact us today.

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1. Journal of Clinical Oncology. The role of non-oncology specialties in the real world longitudinal journey of prostate cancer patients. Reviewed May, 2020. Accessed June 3, 2022