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 We have temporarily paused new Working Capital Loans

The Temporary Funding Assistance Program is not part of Working Capital Loans from Optum Bank. For information about the Temporary Funding Assistance Program, click to learn more.

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Payments and lending solutions for health care

Optum Financial® connects you with loans powered by Optum Bank and health care payment solutions.


Health and finance, connected at last

The world of health care finance can feel like a siloed, fractured place. At Optum Pay, we know finance, health care and the complex systems that connect them.

That's why we’re putting two decades of innovation to work, building a smart payment platform designed specifically for the business side of care.

Built for business with care in mind

Our financial solutions are designed to address the needs of the health care industry.


Money and data, connected

Business is better when payments and processed claims data move together.


Providers and payers, connected

We process $300 billion in payments annually for 2.2 million providers and more than 200 payers.


Efficiency and results, connected

Reduce administrative burden and save time to focus on what matters to your organization.


Stability and innovation, connected

Lending is powered by Optum Bank, a health care bank that’s been investing in providers and patients for over 20 years.

Explore our health care financial solutions

Optum Pay

Connect to a healthier future with a platform that helps speed payments and offers easy access to historical claims data.