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Identify, investigate and recover payments linked to accident-related medical and disability expenses.

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Subrogation in action

See how Optum® Subrogation Services use continuous scoring and machine learning to identify high-value recovery opportunities to maximize recoveries and minimize member abrasion.

Maximize savings with Pre-Pay Subrogation

By combining pre-pay and post-pay subrogation processes, health plans can avoid unnecessary payment of third-party claims without increasing member abrasion. Our experts investigate and pursue potential accident claims prior to payment. They verify other coverage and provide the necessary information for the primary carrier to accurately pay the claim.

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Reduce member abrasion

We reduce member touches by 66% by continuously rescoring claims. When member outreach is required, we provide multi-channel options for engagement, leading to increased member satisfaction and a shorter recovery cycle.

Add Optum Subrogation to your payment integrity portfolio today.