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NEJM Catalyst Q&A

Disruption and risk in health care

Dr. Wyatt Decker discusses how innovation can be the upside of disruption and the importance of value-based care in changing the status quo.


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Anticipating what comes next

Few would argue that today’s health care experience is what people expect and deserve. Working in and navigating health care can be exhausting for everyone. Many know they can move quickly to adapt when necessary, but it takes courage to change the systems and structures designed for yesterday’s care models.

This Q&A with NEJM Catalyst and C-suite leader Dr. Wyatt Decker discusses how to leverage disruption for positive change through:

  • Maintaining agility and resilience
  • Understanding the risks of inaction 
  • Embracing innovation opportunities around value-based care
  • Focusing on technology as a problem-solving toolbox
  • Partnering to accelerate change

Learn how value-based care can change the dynamic to create a future where we deliver not only revolutionary science and technology but also evolved, barrier-free care experiences grounded in quality and value.

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