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Behavioral Programs for the Justice-Involved

Optum helps direct people with behavioral health disorders in the criminal justice system to appropriate clinical and support services.


Diversion programs reduce incarcerations

In the U.S., at least half of those in prison have some mental health concerns and 10%–25% suffer from serious mental illnesses. Yet those in the justice-involved population rarely get the behavioral health care they need. 

This white paper discusses initiatives designed to divert people away from or out of the justice system and into treatment programs. These programs can reduce unnecessary incarcerations, recidivism and lead to better quality of life for individuals and communities.

Optum behavioral health programs for the justice-involved

Optum can help you create and manage jail diversion and alternatives-to-incarceration programs. We offer community-based specialty care for those experiencing a mental health crisis who may have otherwise been taken to jail, lowering law enforcement costs.