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Medication therapy management

The Medication Therapy Management Program (MTMP) improves outcomes for Medicare Part D /Optum Rx members who meet specific medical criteria.


Optum Rx Medication Therapy Management Program

Pharmacist play a large role in patient care

Members with chronic conditions, taking multiple medications and/or having a high drug spend can benefit from multi-channel outreach including face-to-face pharmacist medication consultations. This leads to savings in total health care costs.

Optum Rx MedMonitor Overview

A guide for healthcare providers

Medication therapy management portal offers many advantages:

  • Updated user interface and simplified access
  • Immediate access to real-time interventions
  • Flexibility of clinical services available
  • Available for pharmacies, long-term care facilities, providers and health plans
  • Ability to add additional locations
Optum Rx MedMonitor overview

Provide better patient care with Optum Rx MedMonitor

The Optum Rx® MedMonitor clinical portal makes it easy for pharmacists to queue up consultations, record patient notes and track progress.