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Patient acquisition and online scheduling

Our leading-edge omnichannel approach helps you reach broader audiences with greater efficiency while improving the patient experience.


Digital solutions that help providers improve patient acquisition

Patients are looking for simpler ways to easily:

  • Find providers and specialists and filter based on availability and preferences
  • Self-schedule 24/7
  • Call to schedule with an agent
  • Preview appointment costs
  • Choose communication methods
  • Cancel and reschedule appointments
  • Check on prior authorizations and provider referrals before scheduling

You’re looking for streamlined tools to increase new patient acquisition and simplify online scheduling, helping you reach more patients while easing staff burnout and transforming inefficient administrative processes.

Our patient acquisition and both online and agent scheduling solutions help you deliver with tools customized to your needs.

Streamline acquisition and online scheduling

We help you connect to patients so getting care is easier and more convenient for them — and more efficient for you.


Enhanced provider search

Our omnichannel model with detailed provider profiles offers multiple ways for patients to find care with filtered search and matching.


Simplified online patient scheduling

Give patients self-service scheduling options available 24/7 so they can find care in the ways most convenient to them.


Real-time price estimates

Our price comparison tools help you achieve price transparency for patients to make care choices easier — and without surprises.

Case study

Optum tools help increase patient access to mental health care

Learn how Refresh Mental Health used our 24/7 online scheduling tools to increase patient access, lower no-show rates and reach hundreds of patients in the first 2 months.

The Optum team worked tirelessly to help us roll out COVID-19 vaccine scheduling, get shots in arms and report data to federal agencies — all in two weeks.

Chief information officer, national care delivery organization

Find out how our patient experience solutions can help your organization

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