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Coding Advisor

Identify common billing errors and improve provider billing behavior.


Improve provider coding practices

Low-dollar, high-volume billing errors are frustrating for providers and health plans alike and often lead to an increased number of claim denials, record requests and appeals that result in high provider abrasion. Optum® Coding Advisor is a pre-submission, outreach-based provider engagement solution that helps identify common billing errors and improve provider billing behavior.

Targeted, multi-channel engagement

Coding Advisor delivers targeted provider messaging on potentially erroneous billing — whether accidental or intentional — to educate providers in a collaborative, non-confrontational way. Education is delivered via multi-channel communications, including quarterly mailings, point-of-submission EDI messaging and the Coding Advisor call center.


Drive long-term behavioral change

Coding Advisor uses AI and behavioral science to deliver targeted coding insights without disrupting provider workflows. Our highly collaborative approach drives lasting behavioral change that maximizes medical cost savings while minimizing provider abrasion.

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