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Addressing the great information divide

Explore the challenges and opportunities in mining mental health data for individuals and communities.


Closing the information gaps in mental and behavioral health data

Mental and physical health are intertwined. So when mental and behavioral health data is inaccurate, incomplete or restricted, it’s hard to achieve the outcomes associated with holistic care, measure the effectiveness of services or inform prevention and intervention strategies.

This article reexamines the balance between gathering enough information to serve people well and keeping their information properly protected. Explore how to:

  • Start with population-level data
  • Assess current data and data fields 
  • Leverage national data sets
  • Employ machine learning to advance predictive models
  • Use insights to guide action and further discovery

Take steps today to appropriately use mental health data to improve outcomes, help individuals live their healthiest life and move the needle for at-risk populations.

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