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On-Site Care Solutions

We help employers lower the cost of health care and reduce time away from work through customizable on-site care solutions.


We are an on-site clinic provider who can offer integrated and convenient access to acute and primary care, wellness and prevention services, condition management, occupational services, and more.

Give your employees access to care in a seamless and convenient way from the office, in the clinic or on the go with our integrated virtual and physical care options.

Our comprehensive model of care guides employees between virtual and physical on-site care to provide appointment flexibility, personalization and ongoing engagement.

Our approach:

  • Continuity: Your employees’ health information and treatment plan are accessible to providers, no matter if they choose to access care virtually or on site.
  • Flexibility: Your employees can manage their care on site and stay healthy without missing work.
  • Personalization: We individually tailor our services to your budgets, clinical requirements and company culture to maximize health care savings and improve the health of your workforce.
  • Quality: As leaders in health care delivery, we have a broad Joint Commission accredited portfolio of solutions. Additionally, when needed, we refer to board-certified local providers and specialists.

The benefits



For your company

  • Better manage overall health spend
  • Invest in a culture of health
  • Attract and retain valued employees

For your employees

  • Reduce time away from work
  • Increase employee productivity and engagement
  • Improve quality and consistency of health care

On-site clinics

Give your employees comprehensive care right where they work. Our services include primary care, condition management, occupational medicine and wellness services.


Provide your employees with convenient access to care

Discover how our custom-built on-site care solutions can help both you and your employees.

Complementary solutions

Optum Virtual Care

Our virtual-first care options can help to add even more convenience for how your employees get care.