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Creating a Safe Return-to-Worksite Strategy

Discover COVID-19 testing resources that suit your organizational needs.


Is your team ready to return better?

Regardless of industry or worksite environment, there is one thing that all employers have in common: the need to ensure the safety of their employees at the worksite.

From temperature checks to on-site or at-home COVID-19 testing, Optum can help you to identify how to lower risks and keep your workforce healthy as they return better.


Open for business: Is it best to test?

Learn about workplaces where COVID-19 testing and screening may be appropriate for a return better strategy.

COVID-19 testing solutions

COVID-19 testing can play an important role in return to workplace strategies. Discover how our on-site or at-home COVID-19 testing solutions can support your needs.

Fact sheet

On-site testing solutions

Safely test employees and visitors who enter the worksite to help mitigate health risks.

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At-home testing solutions

Test employees from the convenience of their own home to ensure a safe return to the worksite.

Additional resources

Perspectives on employer COVID-19 testing Infographic


Perspectives on employer COVID-19 testing

Optum offers a perspective on whether screening and testing are a good fit for your work environment.

On-site temperature screenings Fact sheet

Fact sheet

On-site temperature screenings

Keep your workforce healthy and your worksite safe with this tailored approach.

Get more information about comprehensive and efficient employee screening and testing solutions