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Clinical Case Management

A small percentage of people drive the majority of health care costs. We help those with chronic or complex conditions manage their health.


Educate and empower high utilizers of care

Our care team addresses gaps in care and minimizes disease progression. Participant results: 86% felt it helped them have a better, more positive health care experience. And more than 80% felt it helped them make better choices and feel more confident.1

Decrease health care costs

The telephonic case management program provided more than $3 per-person, per-month savings for the last three years. Studies used a pre-post methodology comparing savings between the engaged population with a matched control group. Field-based ROI range is 1.5:1−2:1.2

She was very professional, caring and listened to what I had to say, asked important questions and made me feel like she actually cared.

Telephonic case management participant

Provide personalized care, quality outcomes

Dedicated nurses, community health workers and social workers provide personalized care to help individuals better manage their conditions. Ninety-four percent of participants are satisfied with the relationship they have with their nurse.3

Deliver timely and relevant communications

Our technology and data work in concert, so we can quickly give urgent feedback to patients and their physicians. Our predictive modeling can identify individuals who are at risk for a potential health event.

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