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Optum Home Delivery

Increase medication adherence and satisfaction while providing patients a cost-effective and easy way to receive prescriptions at home.


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Our research shows Optum Home Delivery reduces medication adherence barriers, drives greater health outcomes and may lead to lower total cost of care.2


Higher medication adherence

We analyzed 3 chronic conditions; participants had a 20%+ higher medication adherence with home delivery 90-day vs 30-day supply at retail.8

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Lower prescription costs and increased savings

Home delivery is 17% less expensive than retail, saving patients on average $10 to $12 when switching from retail.3


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Fast, accurate and efficient pharmacy

Home delivery provides patients a fast and efficient pharmacy service with prescription fills at 99.99%4 accuracy vs. retail at 98.5%.3


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Greater patient satisfaction

We serve millions of people using our full-service pharmacy and, on average, achieve a 10% higher patient satisfaction rate than at retail.7


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Our 24/7 pharmacists work for you and your patients

See how Optum Home Delivery can save time for you and your staff, and reduce costs. We help patients get their medications, when and where they need them.



Simplifying the delivery of medications

Minimize delays and avoid both cancelations and additional outreach by using our e-tools and online resources.

Electronic Prescribing (eRx) to Optum Home Delivery

Enable accurate and efficient electronic prescribing to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy.

Utilize real-time benefit check

Get patient-specific prescription costs, lower-cost options and coverage details right at the point of care through your ERM platform.

Med non-adherence can account for up to 50% of treatment failures

An Optum study shows that our home delivery pharmacy consistently ranks higher in medication adherence performance than retail pharmacies.* 1, 2


Formulary Updates for Providers

Optum helps minimize patient disruption by providing guidance during formulary cycle updates, allowing for greater medication adherence.

*What do we mean by “adherence”? Simply put, adherent patients use their medications as directed. We use Proportion of Days Covered, or PDC, as used by the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, a recognized standards-setting organization.


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