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Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) for Employers

Use an HRA to help offset employees’ health care costs while providing tax savings to the organization.


Get what your organization needs with the most flexible plan

 Your organization designs the HRA to complement your health plan. Your employees get direct and easy access to funds (from you, the employer) for eligible expenses.


Determine the contribution amount

An HRA is entirely funded by the employer, and the organization gets tax savings on the amount they contribute.


Choose the eligible expenses

Choose to allow the funds to be used for all qualified medical expenses approved by the IRS or a subset of eligible qualified expenses.


Establish other details

The employer can automate reimbursements and allow year-to-year rollover of unused funds.

Consider health incentives

Engage your employees through an incentive program where financial rewards to the HRA are tied to the employee’s healthy actions.

Optum Financial payment card

Participants use the payment card anywhere they have eligible expenses. They should save receipts in case transactions need validation per IRS guidelines.

Mobile app

Employees get the convenience of on-the-go banking with our mobile app, allowing them to take photos of and submit documentation for their purchases.

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Complementary solutions

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COBRA Administration

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