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Patient Care Management

See the whole patient, empower patients and care teams, and drive care management program scalability and performance to improve outcomes.



Make the health system better for everyone

Optum® Patient Care Management helps organizations manage patient care proactively and intelligently across the health care ecosystem, creating sustainable care networks to enable true patient-centered care at each stage of the patient journey.


Navigate a proactive, intelligent workflow

By creating smart workflows, auto-triggering tasks and generating precision interventions and patient-tailored care plans, the Optum Patient Care Management helps care managers focus on the highest priority issues for the greatest impact on care quality and cost.


View a complete, integrated health record

Aggregating and normalizing your diverse clinical and claims data with a growing set of sociodemographic, behavioral and patient-reported data, Optum can give you a 360-degree view of each patient for whom you are coordinating care.

Leverage the power of OptumIQ™

With a 40-year heritage in the payer, provider, employer, life sciences and government sectors, Optum has a singular understanding of the health care landscape and the unique perspective needed to build truly effective solutions for organizations today.

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