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Specialty and Infusion drug list

Use the search tool below to find medications that Optum Specialty Pharmacy and/or Optum Infusion Pharmacy can provide or facilitate access to; subject to change, availability, and plan.

  • If the medication you are searching for is taken orally or by injection, or to be administered via infusion at a prescriber’s office or clinic, please contact our Optum Specialty Pharmacy team.
  • If the medication you are searching for is infused over time or via a pump in the patient's home or an Optum Infusion Suite, please contact our Optum Infusion Pharmacy team. Availability of new products is dependent upon publication by insurers of formulary decisions and codes, which may occur at later timepoints for home infusion services than for other sites of care.
  • If you are interested in a medication that is not shown, please check back at a later time or feel free to contact us for a specific discussion about available options.
  • To learn more about these medications please visit  Dailymed to access manufacturer inserts.
  • If you need additional guidance, please contact either pharmacy; we will be happy to help. Contact Us

Updated June 2024