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Find out about our temporary funding assistance program for those affected by payment services disruptions.

Patient intake, engagement and retention solutions

Our end-to-end digital patient intake and communications tools help you deliver care more efficiently with better outcomes and less staff burnout.


Patient retention and intake tools tailored to you

Digital patient intake management

  • Customize a virtual waiting room with self-managing waitlists automatically linked with provider schedules.
  • Simplify patient check-in with online pre-registration, digital intake forms as well as contactless patient registration and ID card collection.
  • Achieve seamless EHR integration and alignment with your protocols and enterprise performance management (EPM) system.

Proactive patient communications

  • Automate delivery of follow-up care instructions and appointment reminders.
  • Use digital patient outreach tools for vaccinations, screenings and wellness checks.
  • Get digital communication channels with options for self-service, call centers, secure two-way messaging, mass reminders and more.


Convenient payment collection

  • Ease the administrative burden on your staff by giving patients multiple ways to make payments online — before, during or after their appointment.
  • Automate prior authorizations and eligibility verification with payers for improved cash flow.



Digital patient communications and the mental health crisis

We surveyed over 250 behavioral health providers. Find out what we learned when we asked them about online patient scheduling, video visits and other digital patient engagement technology.

Learn what providers said about how telehealth technology. Learn more about how it has helped increase patient access as well as how lack of resources and infrastructure are still barriers.


Improve your patient intake experience

Our tools help you increase patient loyalty and long-term retention. We help you streamline administrative tasks so you can achieve:

  • Simplified patient onboarding
  • More efficient workflows
  • Consistent, more effective engagement with patients
Our virtual care program, along with online scheduling, enables simple and straightforward access to care.

Major telehealth provider organization, chief operations officer

Engage with patients more effectively while increasing long-term patient retention

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