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On-demand webinar

Strategies to build your cost optimization

Advisory Board and Optum experts share the latest trends for optimizing costs.


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How do health systems restore financial health?

The industry-wide headwinds related to cost have created a difficult operating environment for most health systems. Yet the opportunities to slow the rate of costs — without starving an organization of capital needed for investments — have never been clearer.

Explore critical cost management strategies fundamental to restoring financial health with insights that are grounded in the latest research and practical approaches to help you build your operational plans.

You will gain insights into:

  • The most disruptive market forces driving costs and financial turbulence
  • Indicators to watch that will impact the future state of the health care economy
  • Critical areas for focusing cost management efforts
  • Successful approaches for overcoming challenges related to managing operating costs

Learn how we can help transform your organization

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