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Support for oncology providers

Oncology Center of Excellence

The Optum® Specialty Pharmacy Oncology Center of Excellence provides in-depth care so your practice can focus on one thing, the patient.


Support you and your patients can rely on

The Optum Specialty Pharmacy Oncology Center of Excellence (COE) provides a full spectrum of integrated clinical expertise and enhanced services to your oncology office and your patients. The Optum Specialty Pharmacy COE is purpose-built to help you precisely deliver the care your patients need while simultaneously removing obstacles to their care.  

Clinical expertise and customized care

Our Specialty Pharmacy Oncology Center of Excellence team of Board-Certified pharmacists, technicians, account managers, and prior authorization (PA) and appeal experts support you and your office through proactive patient updates, monitors and follows up on patient-specific therapy goals ranging from treatment outcomes to side effect management and quality of life measures.

Communication preferences: We help facilitate easy and effective communication so you can spend more time with your patients. You can choose how you want to be communicated with via fax, phone, email or send a chat through the provider portal — we’ll communicate the way you prefer. 

Delivering better care for cancer patients



Everything we do centers on getting patients the therapy they need, when they need it, their way.


Our Optum Savings IQ™ Platform proactively connects patients with financial resources to help them begin their therapy without delay.


We’re here to support patients with compassionate care. Our approach helps get patients started quickly — and stay on therapy.


Stay up-to-date on the latest oncology drug trends

Several key trends will shape cancer care in 2024, including: balancing new drug approvals with access and shortages, precision medications driving personalized care, digital and home health expanding treatment options, and cost-effective strategies redefining support. Read Optum Specialty Pharmacy's 2024 Outlook on oncology to learn more.

Specialty and Infusion Drug List

Use our search tool to find medications that Optum Specialty Pharmacy and/or Optum Infusion Pharmacy can provide or facilitate access to.

How we help

Our patient-centered services and convenient tools make it easier to navigate the healthcare system. Our dedicated team will be there throughout the course of treatment to support providers and advocate for patients.

  • E-prescribe using the information below, and we will route to one of our pharmacies to be filled:

1050 Patrol Road
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

NPI: 1083045140
NCPDP: 1564930

  • Fax: 1-877-342-4596
  • Call our dedicated provider line at 1-855-215-0235 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday–Friday

Ready to refer your patients? Use our handy referral checklist and drug list flyer to make sure you have everything you need. For questions, chat with us through the provider portal.

Our provider and patient portals provide secure web-based anytime access to important healthcare information.

Our provider portal allows your clinic to easily access prescription status, adherence tracking, patient-specific reporting on financial assistance and PA notifications and connect with Optum Specialty Pharmacy support via live chat with a clinician.

Request access


Our patient portal and app make it easy for your patients to manage their condition anytime, anywhere. They can request refills, track orders, make payments, access live chat, and view or update account information.

The Optum Savings IQTM Platform proactively connects patients with financial resources to help them pay for and start their therapy without delay. Optum Savings IQ™ Platform automatically helps find all available aid, including:

  • Foundation assistance and grants offered by nonprofit organizations or foundations that support people with specific health conditions.
  • Manufacturer copay cards that help reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs.
  • Manufacturer vouchers or free trials
  • State- or manufacturer-sponsored free drug programs, depending on each manufacturer’s approval requirements and application process

Optum delivered $916 million in financial assistance patients in 20221.

Visit our financial assistance page for more information.


Our dedicated oncology team prioritizes turnaround times, prevents care management gaps, and conducts first-fill consults along with benefits checks, test claims, PA and welcome calls2. Plus, our designated REMS3 team provides specialized support for patients prescribed medications subject to their unique requirements.

To help your patients follow their care plan, we offer digital tools such as text reminders and Optum Schedule My Fill, a self-service program that lets patients schedule their refills for the calendar year to help them avoid delays, minimize hassle, and boost adherence. Schedule My Fill has resulted in 94% improved/maintained adherence, resulting in 89% fewer gap days1. We also offer technology-enabled adherence devices like “smart” pill bottles to help your patients follow their care plan.

Whether you’re referring a new patient or making a change to an existing patient’s treatment plan, you can rest assured Optum Specialty Pharmacy Oncology Center of Excellence can provide what you need. We offer a wide variety of the latest oncology medications from all the top manufacturers, including limited-distribution drugs.


  1. Optum. Book of business data. 2022.
  2. REMS = Risk evaluation and mitigation strategies.
  3. Optum Specialty Pharmacy Oral oncology average adherence rate, measured by percentage of days covered (PDC). January 1–December 31, 2022.